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Its a seismic proof three-storied building with 14 rooms and 2 bungalows. Carved stone on the outside, white walls inside and with round windows symbolize our respect with which you will be treated as well as the significance we attribute to the rite of eating with awareness.

its a 4-storied earthquake-proof building, built in likeness of the Rosa Lila Mayan temple of Copán. The hotel has equipped apartments, with cozy and comfortable beds; all with private bathrooms and kitchenette with mini-fridge, sink, kitchen utensils, microwave oven and dining table.

An innovated hotel: At the entrance is a gallery; an exhibition of high quality craftsmanship textiles and paintings from San Juan La Laguna - Tzutujil Mayan Village in Sololá. We have open spaces, surrounded by a pile, old walls, pitchers and cozy living rooms.